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Airport to Airport (A to A) Visa Change (SHJ-MCT)

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Is it time for you to exit UAE and get a new visit or leisure visa? I guess airport to airport (A to A) visa change is not new to you. It is a same day visa change. Through this, customers do not need to wait for days to get the visa approved.

This blog is about what to expect or do if you will go for an A to A visa change from Sharjah International Airport to Muscat International Airport.

First, you have to look for a reliable travel agency which offers A to A visa change packages. Communicate with your agent about the date of your exit. He/She will provide you an e-ticket which you should print out. Also, the agent will advise you what time you should be at the airport. Usually, you have to be at the airport early morning, around 5AM.


-Proceed to the “Hala Services” section located at the 1st floor. Present your passport and e-ticket. The staff will stamp your e-ticket “Visa Change OK to Accept Pax”. You will pay 100 AED as the visa change service charge. Usually, the queue in this section is very long so manage your time wisely.
-Proceed to the Air Arabia check-in counters in the ground floor and present your passport and the stamped e-ticket. The staff will give you your boarding passes. Take note that you should receive two (2) boarding passes: Sharjah-Muscat and Muscat-Sharjah.
-Once you already have your boarding passes, proceed to the immigration or “passport control area” for the exit stamp on your passport.
-Wait for your departure time.


Once the plane landed, you will transfer to a bus which will bring you to the terminal. Go to the left side of the entrance. There is a signage that says “TRANSFER PASSENGERS”. Present your passport and boarding pass at the control area staff and they will stamp your boarding pass. Proceed to the boarding gate and the bus will again take you to the same plane.

-If your visa has not been approved yet, you can wait at the food court or at the airport waiting area. You can either check with your agent or at the Hala Services Staff if your visa is already approved.

-If your visa is approved, you can have it printed at the Hala Services counter for 40AED.

-Proceed to the immigration or passport control area to have your passport and visa stamped.




Register for “Smart Gate” or “E-gate”. There’s a counter near the check-in counters. You just need to present your passport and do an eye scan. The officer will put sticker at the back of your passport. Once registered, you can skip the long queues at passport control. You will have to pass at the e-gate, have your passport scanned and do eye scan. No need for passport and visa stamping.

If you do this before your A to A visa change, you do not have to go back and forth the counter or check with your agent every now and then if your visa has already been approved. You just proceed to the e-gate, it will automatically open if your visa has been approved. If not, just wait for a while and try again.



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